METROSION Metrology to enable high temperature erosion testing

  • Measurement of erodent particles to determine size and size distribution
    Ch. Rothleitner, U. Neuschaefer-Rube

  • Metrology to Enable High Temperature Erosion Testing - A New European Initiative
    A.T. Fry and M.G. Gee, National Physical Laboratory, UK; S. Clausen, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark; U. Neuschaefer-Rube and M. Bartscher, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany; D. Spaltman, M. Woydt, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und - prüfung, Germany; S. Radek, Cesky Metrologicky Institut Brno, Czech Republic; F. Cernuschi, Ricerca Sui Sistema Energetico Spa, Italy; J.R. Nicholls, and T.W. Rose, Cranfield University, UK
  • Solid particle erosion of TBCs: Jet tester modelling and erosion forecasts
    F. Cernuschi, L. Augello, RSE, Italy

  • In Situ Remote Hot Erosion Scar Measurement
    John Nunn

  • Design and Optimisation of the Nozzle of an Innovative High Temperature Solid Particulate Erosion Testing System using Finite Element Modelling, Applied Mathematics and Computation
    N. Smith, A. T. Fry, L. E. Crocker, F. Cernuschi

  • Influence of apparatus design and test method on the high temperature solid particle erosion of Nimonic 80a
    A.T. Fry, D. Gorman, L.E. Crocker, M.G. Gee, A. Gant, J. Nicholls, T. Rose, F. Cernuschi, L. Lorenzoni and C. Guardamagna

  • Size and shape determination of sub-millimeter sized abrasive particles with X-ray computed tomography
    Ch. Rothleitner, U. Neuschaefer-Rube, J. Illemann

  • Dreidimensionale Form- und Größencharaketrisierung von Erosionspartikeln mittels Röntgen-Computertomographie
    Ch. Rothleitner, U. Neuschaefer-Rube, J. Illemann

  • Accurate particle speed prediction by improved particle speed measurement and three-dimensional particle size and shape characterisation technique
    Federico Cernuschi, Christian Rothleitner, Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube, Jens Illemann, Lorenzo Lorenzoni, Cristina Guardamagna, Sønnik Clausen, Henning Engelbrecht Larsen

  • Good Practice Guide to the Application of Finite Element Analysis to Erosion Modelling
    L. Crocker

The research within this EURAMET joint research project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257.

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