Work Packages

WP 1: Traceable Measurement of Electromechanical and Thermoelastic Coupling to 1000 °C

New high temperature interferometry up to 1000 °C New high temperature piezoelectric resonance measurement to 1000 °C

WP 2: Traceable Measurement of Electrothermal Coupling

Novel facilities for the traceable measurement of electrothermal coupling and electrocaloric figure of merit in bulk and thin films under high electric fields at temperatures up to 250 °C

WP 3: High Accuracy Absolute Length Measurement of Electromechanical and Thermoelastic Coupling

For the first time, extend high accuracy traceable full field of view interferometry of electromechanical and thermoelastic coupling to elevated temperature applications up to 200 °C

WP 4: Traceable Measurement of High Temperatures and Thermophysical Properties under Electric Field

Develop traceable electric field dependent measurement of temperature and thermophysical properties up to 1000 °C

WP 5: Modelling of Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Coupling

Develop new models of the metrological linkages between thermo-electro-mechanical coupling in materials and the measurement protocols developed in WP1-WP4 and performance in devices.

WP 6: Materials for metrology

Provide state of the art new materials technologies and apply the metrology developed in this project to the development of new high temperature materials.

WP 7: Creating Impact

A key objective is to achieve the maximum possible impact from the project and to accelerate new technology development. This will be achieved through the delivery of information exchange with our collaborators, training, workshops, web-based dissemination and publications.


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