Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

The proposed JRP will result in new measurement procedures and services to support the introduction of new complex antenna systems, satellite system testing and the next generation of optical communications equipment, leading to potential financial savings and environmental benefits being realised by the communications industry. The overall value of the telecommunications equipment market is $79 bn worldwide.

The Test and Measurement industry will be able to develop the new tools required by component and system manufacturers as a result of the approach of working directly with the four companies and the steering group representatives from that sector. This is a key influence point to target for impact in the communications value chain, as the component manufacturers, systems manufacturers and ultimately the higher layer service providers are dependent on this industry to unlock the delivery of higher value services for a multitude of customers. i.e. the benefits made here will be multiplied by the up-stream suppliers.

Antenna component and communications hardware manufacturers will be able to introduce new technologies to market quickly and in a cost efficient manner, based on access to cutting-edge tools and knowledge for measurement and testing.

NMIs will be able to provide the independently verified test methods, measurement services and knowledge required by the test and measurement and communications industries, removing one of the barriers to accessing the opportunities arising from growth in communications services.

The research within this EURAMET joint research project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257.

For more information please contact: Mark Bieler or David Humphreys

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