Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

Workpackage leader: Frédéric Pythoud METAS

Other participants: NPL, LNE, REG (TU Delft)

  • Develop Traceable RF power measurement for Over-the-air (OTA) Multiple In-Multiple-Out (MIMO) systems.
  • Develop and verify a sound methodology that qualifies the measurement and associated uncertainties for OTA testing of MIMO and adaptive antenna systems (WP1).
  • Develop accurate, efficient and cost-effective metrological solutions for Smart, adaptive reconfigurable and wearable antennas. Establish with quantified uncertainties the rapid measurement of pattern, gain and efficiency in anechoic environments, and total radiated power/gain diversity in multi-path environments.

The research within this EURAMET joint research project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257.

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