The Metrology for Energy Harvesting project brings together Europe's world-leading expertise in measurement, energy harvesting and systems engineering. Partners include many of Europe's national measurement institutes.

What is energy harvesting?

Energy harvesting (EH) is a process that captures energy that would otherwise be lost as heat or movement. It uses this captured energy to either make existing processes more efficient or for new applications such as wireless sensor networks.

Why should you care?

The lack of accurate and standardised measurement hinders development, innovation and market acceptance of EH devices.

This project will help Europe to commercialise EH technologies by developing 'traceable' (can be traced back to national standards) measurement methods, enabling industry and consumers to directly compare different EH technologies such as thermoelectric and vibrational harvesting devices.

This will lead to lower costs, increased energy efficiency, and improve sustainability.

Many industries including construction, transport, automotive, mobile communication, and sensors and instrumentation are already investigating the potential of EH devices..

Energy sources of interest

  • Thermoelectric, piezoelectric, magnetostriction, electrostatic

  • Medium energy range (W to kW) down to low power requirements (μW to mW)


Get involved

Successfully developing EH requires industry input and multidisciplinary expertise in energy capture, energy storage, metrology, material science, and systems engineering.

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