Work Package Leader: SP

Other participants: LNE, METAS, NPL PTB, R&S

This Work Package developed traceability for:

  1. Multi-port measurements
  2. Electronic calibration units (ECUs)

At the time of the project, no traceability existed for multi-port measurements. An increasing number of multi-port devices needed to be characterised (e.g. multiband mobile phone components, differential transmission lines for analogue and digital applications, and, classical devices such as power splitters, etc.).

The ECU has become the most important calibration method in industry for traditional one- and two-port Vector Network Analysers (VNAs) and is especially important for multi-port VNAs. ECUs simplify the calibration of all VNAs significantly by reducing the number of connections necessary to complete a calibration. However, at the time of the project, traceability using these ECUs was not as well established as it was using mechanical calibration kits.

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