Work Package Leader: METAS

Other participants: LNE, NPL, PTB, SP, VSL, R&S

This Work Package:

  1. Established uncertainty evaluation and verification schemes for S-parameter measurements that were suitable at high frequencies (millimetre-waves and above). It examined existing methods to determine their limits of applicability, and it improved and extended these methods. It also tested new schemes that were better suited for requirements at these higher frequencies
  2. Provided input to the development of two international standards - IEEE P1785 and IEEE P285 - and, the rewriting of the EURAMET Guidelines on the evaluation of Vector Network Analysers (EURAMET cg-12).

    IEEE P1785 (for metallic waveguides above 110 GHz) was a new standard that was under development. This standard is in three parts:

    • Part 1 - Frequency Bands and Waveguide Dimensions
    • Part 2 - Waveguide Interfaces
    • Part 3 - Recommendations for Performance and Uncertainty Specifications

    IEEE P287 (for precision coaxial connectors at RF, microwave and millimetre-wave frequencies) was an existing standard that was currently being revised.

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