This project is being delivered by a consortium of European national metrology institutes, key academics and industrial partners.

Project time scale : 1 August 2012 - 30 July 2015

The NEMS devices most relevant for metrology are high Q (that is low-loss) mechanical resonators since they combine the high accuracy of frequency measurement with the exquisite sensitivity of nanoscale sensors. The aim of this JRP is to develop NEMS as high frequency resonators and actuators for future metrology, including single entity and traceable measurements, 'beyond classical limits'.

The scientific and technical objectives for this JRP are:

  • WP1 Optimised Novel Materials for High Performance NEMS:
  • WP2 Novel Methods for NEMS Resonator Excitation and Readout:
  • WP3 NEMS for Traceable Electromagnetic Metrology and Precision Instrumentation:
  • WP4 NEMS sensors: Going beyond Classical Limits
  • WP5 Fabrication and Optimisation of Cryogenic SQUID-NEMS Combination close to Quantum Limits: