Regina Elena National Cancer Institute of Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri (IRE-IFO) - Italy

The Laboratory of Medical Physics and Expert Systems (named Lab in the following) is a department of Regina Elena National Cancer Institute of Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri (IRE-IFO). The Lab technically supports different departments which use ionising and non-ionising radiation. The lab has carried-out calibration methods to improve the accuracy of determining the measurements of activity to be administered to patients who have undergone diagnosis and therapy with radionuclides; the appropriate correction factors of the calibrator activity to be used in clinical practice has been calculated for the devices used in our Institute, in cooperation with the ENEA National Metrology Institute. In the field of nuclear medicine, the Lab conducts Monte Carlo simulations to describe the dose distribution generated during radionuclide therapy, develops dosimetric tools, based on dose-point kernels, derived from Monte Carlo simulations, which allow us to calculate 3D-dose distributions, works on patient-specific dosimetry, using novel computer based models to integrate the relevant aspects of human anatomy and physiology across different levels (from molecular to tissue and organ) as well as on dosimetric data, aims at optimising innovative systemic treatments based on "Patient specific Dosimetry", selecting the administered activity in order to improve tumour control, sparing normal tissue (red marrow, liver, kidneys, etc.).

Role and main tasks in the JRP:

IRE-IFO participates in the WP2 and WP3. For this JRP, IRE-IFO will bring its experience in quantitative imaging for molecular radionuclide technique, Monte Carlo simulations and determination of absorbed dose from radionuclides. Furthermore, the institute will provide resources for phantom studies of radionuclides.

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