LNHB - CEA - Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNHB-CEA) - France

CEA is the French atomic energy commission. Its laboratory LNHB (Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel) is the French national metrology laboratory for ionising radiation designated by LNE. Its permanent staff amounts to 53 persons. The fields covered by CEA (LNHB) are radionuclide metrology and dosimetry of photons and charged particles. In those fields, the laboratory develops and maintains references, and transfers them to accredited standard laboratories and to end users, according to its ISO 17025 accreditation and MRA. In radionuclide metrology, the laboratory has largely contributed to the Key Comparison Base of BIPM (for 62 radionuclides, and 3 reference materials). CEA (LNHB) has worked for many years in the development of primary activity measurement techniques, and was one of the pioneers of the TDCR liquid scintillation technique. The laboratory is also very experienced in the transfer of radioactive standards in the field of nuclear medicine. The laboratory is involved in the determination, evaluation and publication of radionuclide decay data in the frame of an international group of experts, Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP), coordinated by M.M. Bé.

Role and main tasks in the JRP

CEA will lead WP1, and will contribute to WP1 (3 tasks), WP5 and WP6.

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