The UCL Cancer Institute - United Kingdom

The UCL Cancer Institute opened in 2007; it is located in the Paul O'Gorman Building, Huntley Street, London. The building is spacious enough to accommodate over 350 scientists investigating aspects of cancer prevention, early detection, basic biology and novel therapeutics.

The Cancer Research Targeting and Imaging group, under the leadership of Professor Richard Begent, moved from the Royal Free Hospital site into UCL-CI in 2008 to continue its work on the development of antibody based molecules for targeted therapy of cancer (a form of molecular radio therapy). The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust made available £1.2M for the installation of a new SPECT-CT system, including enabling works and initial staffing costs, dedicated to cancer research. This system (a GE Discovery NM/CT 670 SPECT-CT system) is now installed within the nuclear medicine department of University College London Hospital and work has begun on the characterisation of the system for MRT.

Role and main tasks in the JRP

UCL-CI will take part, as unfunded JRP-Partners, in WP2, WP3 and to a lesser extent in WP5 of the JRP.

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