Power and Energy Workshop

Presentations from Workshop held 22-23 March 2011, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

A showcase for the project outputs and future applications for the power and energy industry

Next generation of power and energy measuring techniques

Society demands electricity supplies that are secure, sustainable and of high quality. In the next decade, Europe is facing potential energy shortages as oil and gas supplies run down and nuclear power facilities age. Pressure to reduce the green house gas emissions will lead to a requirement for more renewable energy generation, efficient appliances, energy management and improved electricity distribution efficiencies. Commerce will demand an electricity supply of the highest quality, free from momentary voltage interruptions or interference sources. This three year research project, which finished in March 2011, was successful in developing the necessary infrastructure to enable the measurement of the complex electrical parameters associated with power, energy and power quality to ensure that technologists, energy suppliers and regulators can work towards an energy secure future within a metrology framework.