Metrology for Biomolecular Origin of Disease

The metrological foundations underlying biomolecular structure and function are sparse and fail to keep pace with the demands of molecular medicine and the attempts to provide solutions to global health issues such as viral epidemics, anti-microbial resistance and metastatic cancers. Validated measurements and standardisation techniques are needed to enable any sustainable progress in this area and to advance our understanding of the links between structure and activity at the molecular and supramolecular levels; thereby providing the key principles for drug design and molecular diagnostics.

The two most pressing measurement challenges this JRP addresses are:

  • Incompleteness and inconsistency in the details of links between the structure and activity of peptides. This is needed to provide reliable and predictable structure-function relationships.

  • A lack of measurands, established reference methodologies and reference materials, particularly those based on peptide folding responses in native environments. This is needed to provide a measurement-based rationale for molecular medicine.

Publishable Summary


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