EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 6th European ANAMET Meeting, Training course: 'The Revision of EURAMET VNA Guide cg-12'

5th European ANAMET meeting, 28 June 2016

EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 5th European ANAMET Meeting, Workshop: 'VNA Uncertainty'

5th European ANAMET meeting, 11 December 2015

EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 4th European ANAMET Meeting, Training course: 'Multiport VNA Measurements'

4th European ANAMET meeting, 3 June 2015

EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 3rd European ANAMET Meeting, Workshop: 'Revising the EURAMET VNA Guide'

3rd European ANAMET meeting, 17 December 2014

EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 2nd European ANAMET Meeting, Training course: 'Good practice with VNAs'

2nd European ANAMET Meeting, 26-27 June 2014

EMRP HF-Circuits Project: 1st European ANAMET Meeting, Workshop: 'Electronic Calibration Units'

1st European ANAMET Meeting, 5 December 2013

EMRP HF-Circuits Project Kick-off Meeting

  • Date: 12 July 2013
  • Venue: National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK

The EMRP HF-Circuits Project held its first project management meeting at the National Physical Laboratory. This was an opportunity for the project partners to come together and plan all the activities due to take place in this project. The meeting was very successful and will be followed up by further project management meetings, taking place every six months or so, throughout the lifetime of the project.

EMRP HF-Circuits Project Kick-off Meeting, 12 July 2013

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