WP5: Creating Impact

The key aim of this workpackage is to maximise the JRP's impact. This will be done by assuring that the results from each WP will be disseminated by the JRP-Partners, to the wider metrological community, stakeholders, and end-users.

The WP tasks include establishing and maintaining the JRP website, writing journal papers and contributing conference papers, establishing a user group, organising workshops and preparation of recommendations arising from the JRP results.

JRP outputs will be published and disseminated via the JRP website. The website will be periodically updated to reflect developments in the JRP. It will also be used to publish announcements of workshops and will possibly be used to receive feedback from the stakeholder community.

Scientific papers will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals and will be presented at conferences reflecting the scientific outcome of all technical WPs.

A user group and an Advisory Board, associated with the JRP, will be set up by invitation of scientific experts in related areas. Target membership in the user group includes representatives from national, European and international stakeholders and end-user communities (e.g. nuclear medicine departments offering MRT, research communities doing clinical trials, RP development etc.). The Advisory Board will be formed from the experts coming from the areas of clinical implementation of MRT, quantitative radionuclide imaging, and MRT dosimetry.

The relevant end-users, as identified by the JRP-Consortium and the Advisory Board during the early part of the JRP, will be invited to be involved in order to improve knowledge transfer.

Each year, one workshop for the presentation and discussion of on-going JRP work will be organised to exchange information with the stakeholders and end-users, to discuss on-going JRP work between all the JRP-Partners, and to inform the Advisory Board of activities.

WP1 - WP4 will all provide recommendations on the preferred techniques and methodology, with evidence as to how these will enhance MRT dosimetry. In this WP, these recommendations will be formulated into recommendation and advice documents in consultation with the stakeholder community, and will be disseminated through the user-group.

Short technical visits will allow the JRP-Partners to establish closer connections between themselves, in general or related to specific technical issues and also for the purpose of training junior scientists from other metrology institutes. The exchange of expertise will also be achieved via any funded REGs and RMGs connected to this JRP at a later stage.

Task 5.1: Knowledge Transfer

The aim of this task is to build awareness of the JRP amongst stakeholders and to share the JRP research findings with the wider community.

Task 5.2: Training and Dissemination

The aim of this task is to provide workshops to the stakeholder community and to organise short scientific-technical visits for knowledge transfer between JRP-Partners.

Task 5.3 Exploitation

The aim of this task is to ensure that the outputs of the JRP are commercially beneficial to EU Organisations.

For more information: Contact Vere Smyth