THERMO Metrology for Thermal Protection Materials (EMRP SIB52 Thermo)

  • Ulf Hammerschmidt, Jacques Hameury, Radek Strnad, Emese Turzó-Andras, Jiyu Wu; Critical Review of Industrial Techniques for Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Thermal Protection Materials
  • Jiyu Wu, Roger Morrell, Tony Fry, Sam Gnaniah, Dipak Gohil, Angela Dawson, Jacques Hameury, Koenen Alain, Ulf Hammerschmidt, Emese Turzó-András, Radek Strnad, Aleš Blahut; Provisional Assessment of Candidate High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Reference Materials in the EMRP 'Thermo' project
  • C Stacey, M J Parfitt, A J Simpkin, J Wu; Design of a Guarded Hot-Plate for Measuring Thin Specimens of Polymer and Composite Materials

Awaiting Publication

  • Jacques Hameury, Alain Koenen, Bruno Hay, Jiyu Wu, Clark Stacey, Ulf Hammerschmidt, Eva Katharina Rafeld, Emese Turzó-András, Radek Strnad, Aleš Blahut; Identification, Characterization of New Materials For Construction of Heating Plates for High Temperature Guarded Hot Plates
  • J Wu, J Hameury, E Turzó-András, U Hammerschmidt, E Rafeld, M Krause, A Blahut, T Vachova, R Strnad; Design guideline for high-temperature guarded hot-plate
  • Ales Blahut, Radek Strnad, Jacques Hameury, Jiyu Wu; Investigation of the reliability of thin therocouple temperature sensors for use in HTGHP
  • J Wu, R Morrell, C Allen, T Fry, D Gohil, P Mildeova, E Turzó-András, A Blahut, U Hammerschmidt, J Hameury; Characterisation of high-temperature thermal conductivity reference materials
  • J Hameury, A Koenen, B Hay, J Wu, U Hammerschmidt, E Katharina Rafeld, M Krause, E Turzó-András, R Strnad, A Blahut; Performance checks and validation of high temperature guarded hot plates
  • Clark Stacey, Andrew Simpkin, Bob Jarrett (Indium Corporation); Paper on new techniques for reducing thermal contact resistance when meas t-conductivity of polymer composites

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The research within this EURAMET joint research project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257.

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