Metrology to Assess the Durability and Function of Engineered Surfaces

This project will provide improved metrology for assessing engineered surfaces and will facilitate the use of surface engineering to give major increases in the efficiency of transport and the competitiveness of European industry, leading to reduced impact on the environment.

Assessment of an engineered surface is currently largely empirical and needs the development of sound metrology to enable the potential for step change improvements in performance to be realised.

  • Surface engineering is a vital component of a diverse range of leading edge products in sectors such as transport, energy generation and manufacturing.
  • Improving the engineering of surfaces will lead to a more successful European industry with improved competitiveness and world leading status.
  • Metrology development is needed to enable enhanced efficiency and greater cost effectiveness of European manufacturing industry
  • Improved metrology is required to underpin and enable the development of superior consumer products and more sustainable and efficient air and road transport systems.


For more information: Mark Gee