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HIGHGAS: Metrology for High Impact GreenHouse GASes

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Project Webinar
15 May 2017

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Duration: 61 minutes
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European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017

35 Month Project Meeting
27–28 April 2017, Vienna, Austria

28 Month Project Meeting
20–21 September 2016, Empa, Switzerland

European Geosciences Union 2016
21 April 2016 (17:30 - 19:00 hrs), Vienna, Austria

Poster presentation about the HIGHGAS project - F-gases entitled 'New SI-traceable reference gas mixtures for fluorinated gases at atmospheric concentration'
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HIGHGAS Stakeholder Workshop
9 March 2016 - VSL, Delft

Download programme and presentations (PDF):

BIPM workshop on carbon measurement
30 June - 1 July 2015, Paris, France

Gas Metrology for carbon surface measurements and other related essential climate variables.

12 Month Project Meeting
23-24 June 2015, PTB, Germany

10-12 June 2015

ISO/TC158 meeting
June 2015, Delft, Netherlands

Attendance and participation in the discussion of the key issues.

CCQM meetings
April 2015, Paris, France

Attendance and participation in the discussion of the key issues.

European Geosciences Union
April 2015, Vienna, Austria
Javis Nwaboh, Olav Werhahn, Volker Ebert (PTB), Albert Manninen (VTT), Joachim Mohn (EMPA) and Jan C Petersen (DFM)

Metrology for laser spectroscopic concentration and isotope ratio measurements of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Mirsens 2015
5-7 March 2015
Javis Nwaboh, Olav Werhahn and Volker Ebert (PTB)

International workshop on opportunities and challenges in mid-infrared laser-based gas sensing - 'Laser spectroscopic CO measurements in the near and mid infrared regions'

6 Month Partner Web Conference
15 December 2014

First HIGHGAS Stakeholder Workshop
13 November 2014 - LNE, Paris

Download programme and presentations (PDF)

Kick-off Meeting
26-27 June 2014 - Bushy House, NPL, UK

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