Metrology for the characterisation of Biomolecular Interfaces for Diagnostic Devices

In-vitro diagnostics are vital for the drive for cost-effective healthcare, point of care monitoring and personalised medicine. The diagnosis and management of medical conditions is becoming increasingly reliant upon the detection and measurement of biochemical markers, or targets.

There are three main issues with current diagnostic devices:

  • Measurements of the interface
  • Repeatability and Reproducibility of Assays
  • Diagnostic performance

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Shell thickness determination of core-shell nanoparticles:
The attachment of proteins to nanoparticles is of increasing interest in medicine for applications such as drug delivery and diagnostics, and for understanding how performance and potential toxicity are affected by the unintentional acquisition of a protein corona from biological mediums. All of the above require a thorough characterisation of protein layers on nanoparticles with both accuracy and precision for efficacy and safety. Our efforts are focused upon developing measurement techniques to enable useful characterisation using model systems.


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